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Endless hours of adventure await you!

Whether you descend into murky caverns or tread the pass of ancient Dwarf mines - the GAMEMASTER: Dungeons & Caverns Core Set allows you to create any setting for your roleplaying party.

Both fun and extremely easy to build, this set has absolutely EVERYTHING you need to build any subterranean setting - for any RPG system or skirmish miniature game.

Armed with specially manufactured XPS foam board and a versatile hot wire cutter, go crazy and don't let anything but your imagination hold you back! Find inspiration in our many online tutorial videos, or the inspirational guide included in this set, to conjure up any dungeon or cavern complex you might want. Make it generic and reuse it countless times in different patterns to create overwhelming cave systems - or make that highly unique Lair of the Silver Dragon or the Frozen Cave of the Owlbear - anything is possible!

The scenery XPS foam board will also allow you to make doorways, cave entrances, stairs, bridges, slime pits and many more features. The soft surface of the board allows you to draw any texture or image, enhancing your gaming experience and blowing the minds of your fellow dungeoneers.

Do it yourself or with your party - once you cut and create your first magic portal, you'll never look back!

7 x 18ml Paints
50ml Dungeon Base Paint
50ml Cavern Base Paint
1 x Large Drybrush
1 x Medium Drybrush
1 x Wash Brush
1 x 300ml Dungeon & Subterrain Terrain Primer
75ml XPS Foam Sculpting Glue
150ml Scenery Sand
1 x Hot Wire Foam Cutter
77 Dungeon Tufts
1x Mixing Palette
11cm x 28cm Sandpaper
30cm Steel Ruler
6x XPS Foam Board (200x300x11mm)
2 x XPS Foam Board(300x400x11mm)
How to build Dungeons and Caverns guide